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These are the official web pages for Mid-Space programs. Mid-Space is currently a non-profit organisation, with only one member. These pages contain the latest programs produced for VGA Planets with the Mid-Space label.

The VGA Planets home page VGA Planets is a PBEM (Play By EMail) game created by Tim Wisseman in 1992. VGA Planets is currentally in its 3 incarnation as a Windows based player program with a DOS based host application. Up to eleven players can play over a large starmap, battling each other with starships, or forming uneasy alliances to follow a predetermined story line as chosen by host of the game.

Tim Wiessman is currentally working on version 4, a full 32 bit interface for Windows 95, programmed under Visual Basic 5, compiled into native code to be released on CDROM sometime during 1998.

For more information on VGA Planets, visit the homepage.