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August 14th
I haven't played VGA Planets in ages now, and am beginning to wonder if I'll ever get back to writing programs for it. So at this stage these web pages have become a dead thing. Nothing is happeneing, and nothing will happen.
So officially, I'm closing down the Mid-Space pages.
I'd like to keep a web page running here, of some type. If anyone has an idea of what I can use this space for, e-mail me.

January 20th
The PACT project (Planets Analysis of Combat Tactics) transferred to Timo Kreike and Dr. Jan Klingele.
I unfortunately no longer have the time since beginning full time work, to even help on the project.
The PACT program was designed to be a New Battle simulator, using actual combat code for VGAP. It provided an accurate module on how a battle would occur in game, to provide players with a better way of planning strategy in ship to ship and ship to planet battles.


January 1st
The new look Mid-Space pages goes on-line


December 5th
Added some Shockwave Flash items, to test for upcoming renovations.
The new webpage is looking good so far

September 4th
Ship Names v3.202.2 updated.

June 13th
Flag Ship v3.202 updated.

May 12th
Renovated the Home pages. Email me and tell me what you think.

May 5th
Flag Ship v3.201 updated.

April 18th
GScore v3.02 re-released!

January 1997
The Mid-Space web pages go on-line first the first time!